Beauhème is a lifestyle publisher and creative studio.

Beauhème promotes style in everyday life situations, balanced by minimalism, sophistication and timeless design.


Through research, concept development and design, Beauhème creates unique thoughtful experiences for print and digital brands. With a focus on providing a very distinct aesthetic, intuitive interactions and passionate attention to detail.


Branding / Creative & Art direction / Development / Communication



Carine Eppe

Beauhème was established in 2017, when its founder Carine Eppe had the idea of sharing her vision of design. Born in Africa from a Belgian father of the Catholic Frenchspeaking bourgeoisie and a Congolese mother, she grew up in Belgium and spent the major part of her twenties in California. Since her youngest age, she has had a significant love for arts and particularly fashion, literature and writing. Mostly inspired by the French classics, her cultural diversity will also have a strong impact to define the concept of Beauhème, a style based on the principles of freedom and elegance.